Thursday, 24 December 2009

Reviewing year 2009 resolutions..

Year 2010 will be here in one and a half months' time. Let's see what I have and have not achieved so far...

1. Continue to eat healthily – less junk, more fruits & veggies
- (I would say maybe 60% of the time)

2. Cook my own food – unless it is a special occasion
- (maybe about 60% of the time)

3. Learn to bake – cookies, cakes, pastry and bread
- (ah, this would be around 40%)

4. Pass JLPT L3 – study according to plan
- (did not study according to plan most of the time which means I am still far away from my goal... 0%)

5. Pass CFA L1 – study according to plan
- (did not study according to plan but managed to pass so would be 100%)

6. Sleep early – before 12am
- maybe about 40%

7. Work hard at work – no surfing internet unnecessarily

8. Go to the gym at least thrice weekly – maintain weight between 50-55kg
- 99% (did overshoot to 56kg at some point in around Sept)

9. Spend thriftily and do not exceed budget

10. ENJOY EVERYTHING I DO EVERYDAY! Hahaha… this part is the easiest to achieve
- Not everyday.. :(

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